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sims-sim icon

Welcome to Sim_Icon's first ever monthly challenge! This month, we're challenging you to make an icon of (drumroll please) everything and anything male!
  • Icons should be standard 100x100 size
  • Icons must have the words "sim_icon" on them
  • You may make ONE icon. After you've entered your icon you may switch out your icons any time before voting begins.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • Your icon must be made by you. There's no requesting icons from anyone else.
  • List all your resources when you PM me the icon.
The winner of this monthly challenge will have the privilege of their icon being the community icon for Sim_Icon for the entire month! On your marks, get set, go!
1st-Jun-2011 04:35 pm - 15 Icons
So here are a few icons. I don't share much online so I wouldn't be surprised if something were wrong in the formatting.

1 2 3

Click this.
29th-May-2011 07:31 pm - 30 icons
Just some iconed screenshots from my game. :3

- No Hotlinking
- Don't claim they're yours
- Credit not necessary, but appreciated

For some overly happy faces!Collapse )
31st-May-2011 03:08 am - 24 icons (3 animated)
Here's a bunch of icons I made for myself but hardly ever use, so you can have them!

1 2 3

see moreCollapse )

- Use how you like!
- No hotlinking please!
29th-May-2011 10:37 pm - 9 icons
Hi! Just a small set of random icons made with images I had lying about. They're all from TS2, and the sims featured are my own.


Click for 6 more!Collapse )

- Crediting nabila_ici would be nice, but not necessary.
- Please do not hotlink!
- Feel free to edit/use as bases/steal/claim as your own, I don't really mind.
29th-May-2011 03:11 am - 26 icons
Nao (Kagrra)
Hi, this is my first submission to this community, and to any sims community ever, so I hope you like it~ These are icons from the family I'm currently playing in TS2 (I'm taking a rest on TS3). I present you Pizza and Noodles Freckles, and their son, Muffin!

-Credit carisma_sensei
-Please don't edit these / claim as your own
-Although I don't know why you would anyway
-Don't hotlink! And enjoy ^^

clickCollapse )
28th-May-2011 09:59 pm - 18 icons
I have a bunch of basic icons just lying around that I've made from my various pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you guys in case any one wants 'em. Do whatever you want with them, but I'd really appreciate some comments!

18 icons behind the cutCollapse )
27th-May-2011 02:05 am - 13 icons
damon-the universal
Here are 13 (ooh, spooky!) icons of the Goth family from an awesome piece of fanart drawn by backersbe.
click for iconsCollapse )
26th-May-2011 03:01 pm - 40 Icons
sims: demure
• Credit Optional (smart_spell), Comments Appreciated
• No Hotlinking/Stealing/Claiming as Your Own
• Textless are not Bases
• Do not Alter
• Hover over Images for Numbers

Shoo Flee?!Collapse )
26th-May-2011 07:31 pm - 26 Icons

I have 26 icons, 17 of them are made with The Sims 2, the other 9 are from the Sims Medieval.

Click!Collapse )
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